Nightingale in a Pompeian Garden

The inspiration for this sumptuous design is a Pompeian wall painting in the ‘Garden of the Golden Bracelet. The Roman painter’s intention seems to have been to create a magically sensual world evoking sights sounds and smells of a semi wild, semi cultivated garden within an internal courtyard with the nightingale filling the air with its’ ethereal song.

The ‘Nightingale’ would make a gloriously large cushion or could be splendidly set into a bed-head. The deep shade of the Appleton’s mid-blue background sets off the subtle coloration of the bird. Lighter shades of the same colour-range have been used in the stems and foliage whilst the roses themselves glow with ‘rose-pinks’ with dashes of ‘flamingo’ and ‘honeysuckle yellows’.

"bright vibrant colour" Rebecca Coates, Country Living

The design is printed in full colour.
design size 46cm (18") x 40cm (16"); canvas size 50cm (24") x 54cm (21").
The complete kit includes Appletons tapestry wools, a needle, and simple stitch instructions.