We have a strong range of different designs which includes..

'Fabulous Landscapes' with a colourdul exuberance; 'Birds' & 'Wildlife' which celebrate the native world around us in the UK; 'Romantic Garden', the ever-popular 'Cats & Kittens' and a range of mini kits for those wanting an easy way to get going with canvas-work embroidery.


Offering classes teaching the various methods and techniques involved in canvas-work embroidery


Some well known native English birds alongside rarer ones and some imaginative settings.

Cats & Kittens

Appealing and characterful cats and kittens in distinctive garden settings.

Exotic Animals

Inspired by unusual architectural and decorative details.

Fabulous Landscapes

Exotic and imaginative and other-worldly landscapes inspired by fabrics, paintings and embroideries.


Designs focusing on beautiful flowers and foliage in garden settings.

Mini kits

These ‘minis’ make ideal starter-kits or presents for both children and grown-ups.


Celebrates the diversity and the charm of wild animals set in their natural habitats.